Injury Report

At 3Go1Go Securities we strive for near perfect attendance because in a commission based job it pays to be in the office or at least we think it does. However, sometimes it’s not always possible and below are some of the more common reasons guys have been off the playing field.


  • Flight from NYC to LA or London
  • Excessive Vodka & Tonic intake
  • Car chase in California on national TV


  • Late night at Phish concert
  • Crosstown Tube ride
  • Client Golf outting


  • Last minute inactive due to daughter’s dance recital
  • JPM HY Conference in Miami
  • Parent-Teacher meeting over child behavior

Physically unable to perform (PUP):

  • Gout
  • 3 on the keyboard broken, with IT guy MIA

Injured Reserve (IR):

  • Tore ACL skiing in Stowe

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