What has changed for the Monkeys?

A lot has changed in the world since 2009.  For example we went from our first black president to our first orange president. But more importantly what’s changed for monkeys in the last 8 years?Summer Vacation 2009   Hamptons house from memorial day to labor day. Cost 80-100k   Winter vacation 2009 was a two weeker in st barts.  Cost 20-40k.  Summer vacation 2017.  Long weekend down the jersey shore.  If I happen to have a good month in june maybe a week in ocean city md.  Winter vacation.  Forget about it.  

Car in 2009. Ha. Car. How about cars.  You have an aston martin and you park it in your garage on a lift under your Maybach 62 zeppelin. Car in 2017.  You got that 2014 minivan you bought when the lease was up for the wife and you take a bus to the metro north station. Much cheaper than paying for a parking pass and besides you “want to help the environment”, who needs two cars anyway.

School in 2009.  Fieldstone, rye country day.   2017.  Mamaroneck public school. Whats wrong with public school?  I went to public school and look how I turned out.  And besides now the kid can learn about diversity first hand.  

Restaurants in 2009.  Lavo or tao hanging with jay z and derek jeter.  2017 lavo or tao.  Except they aren’t cool anymore.  But you might see a real housewife of ny in there.  

Suits in 2009 Fine tailor made suit made of Vucana sheep or spider silk.  The tailor comes onto the trading floor to measure you up.   2017. Hello Jos A. Bank.   Why does this suit make me so itchy?


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