The Warning Letter

Ah. A summer Monday here at 3go1go securities.   Think I’ll just catch up on some reading, make a few calls to my accounts to see “how they hit em” this weekend and maybe hopefully do a trade or two.  It’s summer on Wall street and its naturally slow.  You gotta be an idiot to not know that by now.  But wait, an email from the sales manager and he cc’d his boss.  Maybe i’m getting promoted to MD or even better, more accounts assigned to me.  But instead what do I see?  A “your production is too low and we expect better or else” letter.  So how are we going to increase production I ask?  Maybe a trade idea from the ANALyst or maybe more capital or maybe something even better, a new deal we can market.  Nope none of that.  I just need to work harder.  Well if only I knew that years ago.  I would be retired.  But the good thing is they told me they want me to be successful.

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