Bucket Shop Lineup Card

In preparation for our Bucket Shop salesman draft we are breaking down some members on our current roster. This is just a handful of the colorful cast of characters that attempt to trade High Yield Bonds at 3Go1Go Securities.
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The Dinosaur
Location: McMansion, Rye, NY
Age: 59
Car: 2007 Porsche Cayenne
Watch: Breitling
Shoes: Gucci loafers; no socks
Clothes: Country club polo and trader vest
Marital Status: 3x + 4 kids
Skill: Droning on about all the important people he knows and the commission he use to make
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The Charlatan
Location: 1BR Nolita, Manhattan, NY
Age: 43
Car: 2010 BMW M3
Watch: Rolex
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Clothes: Only the most overpriced custom made suits
Marital Status: 1x – now forever playing the field
Skill: Drinking to 4AM and making the morning meeting on time
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The Beggar
Location: 3BR House Hackensack, NJ
Age: 35
Car: 2013 Dodge Caravan
Watch: Omega Seamaster
Shoes: Allen Edmond loafers
Clothes: Jos A. Bank suit
Martial Status: 1x + 5 kids
Skill:  Calling every single day asking for an order without ever having an actionable trade idea
Image result for young wall street man
The Kid
Location: Studio West Village, NYC + summer share Montauk, NY
Age: 27
Car: Uber
Watch: Apple
Shoes: Aldo
Clothes: Bonobos sale
Martial Status: Tinder
Skill:  Getting yelled at by clients, desk traders, & dinosaurs

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